What To Expect

What To Expect:

NeuroRestoration starts with a comprehensive evaluation. This process lasts several hours, so expect to commit the entire morning or afternoon to the process. We perform a comprehensive history, followed by a detailed series of neurodiagnostic tests. These include at a minimum, Computerized Dynamic Posturography, VideoNystagmography, and Vestibular Head Impulse Testing. We perform a thorough physical and neurological examination, assessing for both the presence of pathology and levels of functional integration. We then present and review all of your findings and diagnostic testing data. We show you what works and what does not, and formulate a plan to take what still works and make it work much better. Finally, we provide you with metabolic assessments and refer for laboratory testing to be evaluated during a future visit.

We provide customized protocols of therapies and exercises designed to accelerate and maximize your progress through therapy. You receive constant, one-on-one care with our doctors and therapists while receiving therapies and performing exercises. All of our providers are trained to assess the effectiveness of your therapies, determine your point of fatigue, and modify your protocols as appropriate. You are never alone in this process. We repeat your diagnostic tests several times as you move through the NeuroRestoration Program, allowing us to adjust your exercises and therapies as you improve to provide the best and fastest change in your quality of life.

We typically provide two streams of care for our patients. One stream is ambulatory care, wherein we design our plan, schedule a number of treatment visits every week, and determine a reevaluation date for another full series of diagnostics.

For people seeking the full benefits of NeuroRestoration, we also provide intensive protocols of care. These are similar to out-patient day treatment programs, and require a full-day, week-long commitment. Intensive protocols are the fastest and most effective way to achieve NeuroRestoration.

Care does not stop at the end of your visits. An in-home program is essential for continual improvement and maximal recovery. We create unique programs of home exercises for you to maintain your gains and continue your progress. We provide metabolic counseling and offer recommendations on nutritional therapies, supplementation, and other functional medicine approaches. We also coordinate with your other providers to ensure comprehensive and continued management of your condition as you return to your ultimate level of health.